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Although the Pinnacle Holistic dog food ingredients list is rather short, there is still no denying that this canned dog food has a quality formula that is sure to benefit dogs all over the world. Deserving of a high rating of four out of five stars, Pinnacle Holistic is one of those dog foods that was formulated with a dog’s optimum nutrition in mind. Yes, Pinnacle Holistic dog food nutrition is capable of providing dogs with all the nutrients they could possibly need, and they do this with a simple yet effective formula. This review will look into what exactly has gone into that formula to make it work and to make it a good pet food for dogs.

History of Pinnacle Holistic Dog Food

Pinnacle Holistic dog food is manufactured by Breeder’s Choice Pet Foods. They say that this dog food is formulated with the “total health and well-being” of dogs, something that is necessary to consider if one wants to be able to produce a top quality product. Pinnacle Holistic dog food is produced for dogs of all life stages, and it is produced with a limited ingredient formula. This is to make the dog food more accessible to pet owners who have rather sensitive dogs. There are three canned foods in this line, but for this review we have chosen Pinnacle Trout and Sweet Potato formula as the representative.

Pinnacle Holistic Dog Food Ingredients

The ingredients in this particular dog food can all be said to be quite healthy—with a limited scope of ingredients, there is also a lesser chance that dogs would be affected if they have certain allergies. This formula contains trout as the first ingredient, a great source of protein. Herring is also contained in this formula as an additional source of protein. It also provides the healthy fatty acid Omega-3. A supplementary source of Omega-3 is added in the form of canola oil. Although canola oil is controversial (some declare it healthy while others declare it to be nutritionally worthless), we still consider it to be a quality ingredient.

As a source of carbohydrates, oatmeal (a gluten-free ingredient) is added next. Sweet potato is included in this formula for its beta carotene and fibre content. Flaxseed is listed in this formula, an ingredient that makes a great addition because it adds Omega-6. Minerals in this dog food are, unfortunately, not chelated, which makes them harder for dogs to absorb into their system.

Notable Ingredients

Trout Herring Canola oil Oatmeal Sweet potato Flaxseed

Pinnacle Holistic Dog Food Coupons

Are you interested in purchasing this food but are worried about the Pinnacle Holistic dog food price? If this is the case, just get coupons for Pinnacle Holistic Dog Food and you should be able to bring it down to a more affordable level.

Pinnacle Holistic Dog Food Review and Rating

If only the minerals in this dog food were chelated, Pinnacle Holistic dog food may have had a chance to make five out of five stars. However, its four out of five stars are well-deserved, and this dog food still comes highly recommended to pet owners.


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