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Orijen Adult (Dry)



It appears that this is another very high quality kibble. On the outset, we have already rewarded this kibble a rating of four out of five stars. This is because of its high quality formula and its high quality ingredients. It is also notable that the protein content for this kibble is top notch, definitely fitting for a high quality kibble. The Orijen Adult dog food nutrition is well balanced according to dogs’ needs, which is why this dog food is highly recommended to pet owners worldwide. This review will take a look at the Orijen Adult dog food nutrition and background.

History of Orijen Adult Dog Food

This dog food was created in order to mimic the natural diet of your dogs. This means much more protein—in fact up to 80% protein content. Orijen is manufactured in Canada, using only fresh ingredients and ingredients that are high quality. This includes free-run turkey and free-run chicken, eggs (whole) and fish that has been caught in the wild as opposed to fish that was bred in a fish farm. For this particular kibble, there are three variants (Adult, Six Fish, Regional Red). However, we chose the Orijen Six Fish variant as a representative for our review.


Orijen Adult Dog Food Ingredients

Since this dog food is supposedly ‘six fish’, there are six kinds of fish in this dog food. These are namely: salmon, herring, walleye, lake whitefish, flounder, and northern pike. However, Salmon and Herring (as well as salmon meal and herring meal) occupy the first four spots on the ingredients list, making them the most dominant species of fish in the formula. Along with the fish, there are of course other nutrients added in order to provide dogs with a balanced diet. In this kibble there is russet potato, a great source of carbohydrates and a valuable addition provided they are whole. Sweet potatoes come next, another quality addition that gives this formula fibre, carbs and betacarotene.

An ingredient that might add to the protein content of this kibble is peas, which has about 25% protein content. Herring is a fish that provides this formula with Omega-3, but the makers of Orijen have also added salmon oil. This provides the formula with even more of the healthy fatty acid Omega-3. Note that the manufacturers have added probiotics, friendly bacteria meant to help with digestion. Notable also is the presence of chelated minerals.

Notable Ingredients

Fresh boneless salmon (and salmon meal, salmon oil)

Fresh boneless herring (and herring meal)

Fresh boneless walleye

Fresh boneless lake whitefish

Fresh boneless flounder

Fresh boneless northern pike

Fresh vegetables

Pea fiber


Chelated minerals


Peninsula (Chinese) – London, England (7.5/10)

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