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I recently decided to update last year’s post on Where To Eat Dim Sum In London. As part of my project to visit and revisit some of London’s dim sum restaurants, I wrote a short post asking people What’s Your Favourite Dim Sum?. During a Twitter discussion on this subject, a Sunday dim sum trip was planned. So Helen from Food Stories, Chris from Cheese and Biscuits, Lizzie from Hollowlegs, Charmaine from tasty treats! and I trundled off to North Greenwich yesterday to Peninsula at the Holiday Inn Express. It’s Lizzie’s regular, and Charmaine has also been before, but it was my first time.

First impressions:

Lizzie had already warned us that it would be loud and noisy and full of Chinese diners. She was right, although it wasn’t quite as overwhelming as I expected, probably because the restaurant is huge (with 400 covers) and the tables are not packed next to each other. Peninsula doesn’t take reservations for dim sum, so we turned up at 11.30am when there were still quite a few empty tables available. By the time we left at just after 1pm however, a sizeable crowd had gathered by the entrance waiting to be seated.

What we ordered:

We let Lizzie take charge. At Peninsula, there is a dim sum menu with photos, but you have to tick items on a dim sum order form, which is in Chinese only. I’m not sure whether they have an English form (we weren’t offered one), but if you can’t read Chinese, you can order off the menu and the waiter will fill the form in for you.



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