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One of my current goals is to improve my food photography skills. I started blogging over two years ago with just a Sony Ericsson mobile phone camera and Cotton Bandanas as backdrop, progressed to the Sony Cybershot W300 and now use the Leica D-Lux 4. Although many food bloggers take superb photos with their digital SLRs, I’ve so far resisted buying one because I prefer to stay mobile and discreet, particularly when travelling or reviewing restaurants. So as a point & shooter, I’ve been referring over the last year or so to these useful posts from various food bloggers who have kindly shared their ideas online: – from the excellent blog Wrightfood, written by Seattle-based Englishman Matt. He has also written two other posts that I like to re-read –and White On Rice Couple have been publishing a of informative posts, so far on exposure, shutter speed and aperture, with many others to look forward to! has fantastic posts on specific subjects relating to both shooting food as well as post-production, which I have found very useful (and need to keep re-reading)

Kitchen Wench has written a whole on exposure, focus & depth of field, white balance, on-camera flash, choosing gear & set-up, and more on processing and editing software

An inspiring post from VeganYumYum on that I really enjoy reading again and again

Smitten Kitchen wrote this comprehensive post,,two years ago. I like to refer back to it once in a while because it’s not written in an overly technical way

Another non-techy post from Lucullian Delights that I like reading because she focuses on ‘feelings’ when taking photos, rather than technical stuff

Food photographer Lara Ferroni of Still Life With wrote this useful post,

with simple tips that I’ve tried to follow

Simply Recipes shared her tips on

three years ago, but they are just as relevant today

This post on

on Digital Photography School was one of the first I came across while doing my research, along with

What have I learned from reading all these posts?

Practise, practise, practise, whether at home, in a restaurant or while out and about. Over the last two years, I’ve noticed an improvement in my photos. I always shoot food in macro. I never use a flash and I shoot in natural daylight by a window, unless I’m in a restaurant. I try to keep my photos simple and uncluttered and I take a few shots of each dish, just in case. I also set the white balance manually if I can, otherwise it’s on automatic white balance. Finally, I do a tiny bit of touching up in Photoshop (for me, that means Brightness & Contrast as that’s all I know!).

I’d now like to learn to use my camera properly, particularly the manual functions, and focus more on styling my dishes. I also have to master Photoshop and Lightroom, and build a light tent so that I can shoot in the evenings too (although I have had Lowel Ego lights on my wishlist for ages!).

I hope the above links will come in handy if you’re interested in learning more about food photography.


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