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Weight reduction formulas of kibble for dogs are usually low in protein, low in fat, but exceptionally high in carbohydrates. As such, the kibble is then not as effective in weight loss efforts. However, Premium Edge Healthy Weight dog food is quite different. Instead of being high in carbohydrates and low in everything else, this kibble changes the game. It instead has low fat, low carbohydrates, and an above average amount of protein. Along with high quality ingredients, these factors make this kibble deserve five out of five stars. This review will take a deeper look at the Premium Edge Healthy Weight Reduction dog food nutrition as well as its ingredients and background.

History of Premium Edge Healthy Weight Reduction Dog Food

Premium Edge knows that for dogs to be able to lose weight while still maintaining the right nutritional balance, they must lower carbohydrate content while still offering a generous amount of protein that dogs need in order to sustain life. For this formulation they have even added L-carnitine to promote even faster weight loss due to fat burning. Antioxidants are also present in the formula in order to promote health.


Premium Edge Healthy Weight Reduction Dog Food Ingredients

The first ingredient listed in this kibble is chicken, and although this is said to be the main source of protein for the mix it is likely to be overshadowed by its concentrated counterpart, chicken meal. Salmon and peas, along with potato protein, provide additional protein content, although it is notable that this pet food contains quite a good deal of meat. Even more meat comes in the generic ingredient ocean fish meal, which is free from the harmful chemical preservative ethoxyquin. A source of omega-6 is included in this mix in the form of chicken fat. Omega-3 is also present in the form of flaxseed.

To help along with nutrition and digestion, probiotics have been added in this kibble. The friendly bacteria they have added is good not only for the digestive system but also for the immune system. It is notable as well that this kibble contains chelated minerals which are usually present in those higher quality dog foods.

Notable Ingredients


Chicken meal



Ocean fish meal

Chicken fat



Chelated minerals

Premium Edge Healthy Weight Reduction Dog Food Coupons

Are you worried that you might have to pay quite a high Premium Edge Healthy Weight Reduction dog food price? If you would like to save a bit on your purchase, you may want to get coupons for Premium Edge Healthy Weight Reduction dog food. They can help quite a lot in bringing down the price to a more affordable level.

Premium Edge Healthy Weight Reduction Dog Food Review and Rating

As we have previously mentioned, this kibble which contains a good deal of meat, high protein and low fat and carbs makes quite a good weight loss formula. This weight loss formula does not neglect your pet’s need for balanced nutrition. Highly recommended, 5/5 stars.



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