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Erc Symons music downloadsEric Symons creates musical compositions inspired by Tapeña!

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Tapeña reflects the authentic culture and vibrant energy of the Spanish lifestyle. In bridging cultural connections between Spanish wine, food and music, Tapeña blends perfectly with musical creations by Spanish guitarist Eric Symons, who has created a new selection of innovative Spanish-inspired music designed to enliven your gatherings! Eric considers Tapeña to be a reflection of the character of the wines he drinks while enjoying tapas with his peña in Spain - fruit-forward, no-nonsense offerings that pair perfectly with food. As Eric is fond of saying, "spend some time with Tapeña for a rare cultural experience, without the expense or inconvenience of plane ticket."

Suggested Tapeña Wine and Eric Symons Music Pairings
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Tapeña Rosé / Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé, Viva España - Download mp3 file.
An homage to Spanish soccer culture, this lively track is best experienced with the light and easy drinking Tapeña Rosé.

Tapeña Tempranillo / La Mora - Download mp3 file.
Sassy and complex, this track is a perfect pairing for Tapeña Tempranillo. The melody opens slowly, drawing the listener in before transitioning into a bold, yet elusively upbeat rhythm.

Tapeña Verdejo / Cada Vez Que Salgas - Download mp3 file.
"Every time you leave" whisks the listener to another place and time, much like Tapeña Verdejo.

Tapeña Garnacha / La Conoci en La Tapeña - Download mp3 file.
Loosely translated to "I met her while enjoying good food and wine among close friends," this flirtatious melody suggests romance can be found when you least expect it. Similarly, Tapeña Garnacha surprises with its smooth, velvety finish.


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