Tapena wines from Spain

White Wine Smoothie

White Wine Smoothie RecipeThe smoothie comes out a beautiful golden yellow color and is sweet, without being cloying. Great for outdoor parties and a favorite at big game get-togethers, too!

Single Serving:
4 oz Tapeña Verdejo
1/4 cup (3-4 whole) peeled, seedless lychee*
1/4 cup frozen, cut mango*
1 oz Triple Sec
Handful ice

Mix Up a Batch:
1/2 bottle Tapeña Verdejo
10 - 12 whole, peeled and seedless lychee*
3/4 cup frozen, cut mango*
3 oz Triple sec
2 handfuls ice

In a blender, add all the ingredients and mix on high until the consistency is smooth without any lumps of fruit. Pour into a stemmed wide-mouth glass and garnish with a mint leaf and mini paper umbrellas. Serve immediately.

*Frozen mango is easier to use, but fresh can be substituted if available. Canned lychee in heavy syrup can be found in many markets in the Asian foods section. Just make sure to spoon out the lychee fruit and leave the syrup behind.



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